Steven Brock

They’ve got some seriously talented developers and designers on their team, and it shows in the quality and consistency of their work.

Erick Leonard

Igor and his team did exactly what I wanted with very little issues. It was a very good process. They communicate very well with you to keep you in tune with the project and the development.

Jill Lindsey

The website is great. It reflects our firm much better than the old site. Silver Solutions work process was great. They walked me through each step and were responsive to each question I had.

Nicolas Roberge, Evollia

Very satisfied to work with Igor and his team. Hope to work again with him.

Patrick Gozlan

Thanks to Igor and his team. Always satisfied of their work.

Patrick Gozlan

Thanks for Igor for this job. Some confusion in understanding about the project, but this was rectified. This is the second time I’ve worked with him and his team and I’m satisfied their listening and professionalism.