Uspeh Team – A blog for the karate club

A new site with a simple design was built for the karate club. The site is based on Joomla. This site has various types of articles and news. There is a calendar of upcoming events. There are top athletes on the site as well. There is a photo gallery of the club events. Social networks are also connected to the site. A chat helps users to communicate each other.

A new joomla template was created according to the design. Also needed modules are developed for the proper functioning of the site. This site is easy to manage through the admin panel. Different users have different levels of access to the site. Therefore, each user is responsible for the direction of their site. It is convenient and practical.

Karate club “Uspeh” is a public junior organization which has the main direction – WKF, and traditional karate – SKIF.

Technologies that were used: Joomla, Joomla Template, Joomla Modules, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL.

Uspeh Team