The main trends in web design for 2017


In the beginning of the year, it is quite important to think about what might change during this year, what can be improved, and what generally little by little have to fall into oblivion.

Many IT companies have expressed their assumptions about how to change the web design in 2017. Someone’s points of view are the same, someone’s are radically different, but no one suggests the full picture. So today Silver Solutions will try to fine-tune the list of future changes in the web design world trends.

  1. Adaptation of sites for mobile devices.

Statistics show that in 2016 a larger number of searches on the Internet were done using smartphones, not computers. And not all of the sites today are convenient for using by the phone. Moreover, some of them partly don’t work on mobile devices, so the user can’t do what they need. But, if they need ordering online right here and now? Then, of course, the customer will choose another firm.

As for as, in 2017 it is more reasonable to identify the main parameters of the site firstly, and then complement the site for a computer format. It saves some time and resources.

  1. No templates

The tendency to use templates in a Web design tends to change. But 2017 promises to minimize template sites and increase the number of personalized. Only unique themed images, icons, video, that is, all of the content and design of your website should be unique. Only in this case, your project will develop and have success among the users.

We want to draw attention to the following priority changes in the content of the site:

Unprofessional photos

Ideal studio picture has become boring to everyone and doesn’t cause such delight, like it was in past. But users obviously remember those photos, in which there are small, but clear drawbacks. Also it doesn’t mean that the quality of photo is no longer important. It is still important as usual, so the camera to 5MP not suitable.

Content with emotional coloring

This point is very relevant when your field of activity doesn’t require any clear framework, in other words, you do creative work or something like that. This can be as staging “live” photos or simply random, which is thematically close to your field of job, and will be a great addition to your site. The main thing in this case – you should know when you have to stop.

More videos

This may be a thematic presentation video, presentation of one of your projects, or even a short movie about the studio in which you work. It all depends on your imagination and pursuits.

  1. Large screens

From the adaptation of sites for small screens of smartphones to adaptation a large computer monitors. Last year, 4K monitors are already thoroughly proven themselves in the market and gained popularity. It would be correct to assume that in 2017 the number of users that would prefer 4K monitors will increase a lot. So in the development and design of the site, you should take into account the large format.

  1. Minimalism

Sites designed in a minimalist style, often seen as unfinished, ie, it is a small fraction of the forces and resources were invested in them. Fortunately for us, the global trends show that in 2017 this opinion will have no place among the users, because with minimalism comes easy navigation and unobtrusive design, which nobody seems fanciful, and no one would be annoying.

  1. Back to the classics

A few years ago scrolling sites have become a real trend in web design, very original step, which was picked up by many firms. But in 2017 trends show that the users are fed up with such a design, moreover, the navigation of such sites may not always be clear. The positive side of using it is that the scrolling sites are very easy to view on the phone, so there is no need to exclude them. So this year IT firms will be trying to combine scrolling design with the classics. We will see soon whether they managed to promote this trend or not.