About Us

Who we are?

I suggest not starting with a brief overview of our portfolio, but with something more large-scale and important not only for us and our clients, but in general for all Internet users. For any kind of thriving business an entrepreneur or a businessman needs image. In the age of modern technology the company’s image – is the site of the company. One can have a long talk about the importance of the site, its external appearance and accessibility of services provided to clients of a particular company, or you can simply ask yourself: would you trust the company, which does not support its image? It is useless to argue: quality designed website is a strong foundation for building a successful business.

So how the Silver Solutions can help you? What are we actually doing?

The basis of our company, one of main directions is the development of sites from “A” to “Z” and the full support of Internet – projects throughout their activities. You will only be enough to formulate your wishes and point at your expectations from your project in the future, and our task is to translate your plans into reality, and maybe a little more. Moreover, we don’t approve the phrase “Silver Solutions is the developers of the site”. We prefer to call our job as creating a website as a tool that can successfully solve your business task. We develop all kinds of Internet – projects from brochure sites startups, to huge Internet – portals which millions of people use every day around the world. We are responsible for our work and can confidently say that any project, which is made by Silver Solutions, will be exactly the way it would like to see the customer, because our ideas are always fresh, practical and unique.

Another equally direction of our business is web design.
Let’s imagine the following situation: you are a potential user of the online store of unusual techniques, such as know-how technology, which was just gaining popularity, or the like, and you urgently need to find a specific thing that you saw earlier in the advertisement. But here’s the thing: parts of the site are arranged in such unclear sequence, and under such incomprehensible names, that even the store owner can’t quickly find what he or she need. There is a perception that the presence of the site automatically raises the company’s popularity, and the design and ease of use go by the wayside.

All the followers of this theory, at the end, loose a lot of money. To tell the truth, customers simply annoying unjustified waste of time to search for what they need.

In general, we implement your ideas to life, but, if it is necessary, we offer our unique variants of solving your business problems.

We offer: nice appearance, convenience and correctness of the site’s structure, which will undoubtedly bring the customer’s company, clients’ growth and profit. By the way, do not forget about our “Portfolio” section, where you can see all of our work and evaluate the results.

Last but not least, the main focus of our activities is the mobile development. Anyway, a lot of our customers, which come to us for the first time, are convinced that only the mobiles programs are relevant only for social networks, instant messengers, and sites providing services. But this is fundamentally wrong: in addition to all of the above, these mobile applications will be relevant, as well as for small and large companies, because they can include everything from news notifications to the services which the company provides.

So you should never write off mobile development, especially when applications are created by Silver Solutions, because we make such applications, which will be talking about among people.

In addition, we provide services for the development of corporate websites for small and for medium-sized businesses, as well as for large businesses, large companies that carry on their business through the Internet, and more.

In order to book a project you need only fill out a form on the website. Our manager will contact you shortly to discuss the details.

We wish all budding entrepreneurs to start and experienced ones to continue to thrive. However both of them should not forget that the Silver Solutions is always ready to help.